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We have to apologize for the “male centered” topics, but it is due to lack of female expertise in our staff (Yes we are hiring… ladies join the janitorial squad!)

This post will deal with aim. Gentlemen, in your pants you have a powerful PRECISION tool that could be as accurate as a laser cutter, or as random as a water balloon. I do not know if the same could be said about the ladies, but if some of you ladies out there can master it… i would be impressed.

In any case, some of our male readers might have trouble mastering their lasers. However some of the toilet manufacturers out there lend out a helping hand. We first start considering the case of the toilet bowl.

While seated, aim is not necessary. However, as we assume the standing urination stance, we have the task of directing our stream in the most strategic location. We consider the case of aiming in the middle, at the water. This, although risks the least amount of missing, might cause splatter and splashing. We therefore consider other options. South of the bowl would be a safe bet to minimize splatter, however the angle of attack provides a small room for error as a mishap could have you staining your shoes. Therefore a few centimeters north would prove to be the most effective.

We see here an example of a manufacturer that provides an aiming aid. Naturally, having a powerful tool in our hands, we tend to like to have it aimed at something. Therefore they have provided a sort of target practice, or a shooting range.


toilet aim

This small dot shows the ideal aiming location for the stream

In the case of the urinal, due to multiple urinal design, and urinal heights it would require access to supercomputers to analyze and assess the optimal situation, therefore we keep it to the manufacturers to tell us where we aim by placing a fly on the urinal, as shown below.

urinal fly

Fly on Urinal to point out optimal aiming zone

Thank you for your attention people, and a special thanks to Tarek for contributing the first photo to this post and sparking my interest to write it.

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This one is for the guys. As for the girls, it could serve as an insight as to what might plague the male mind when going to the public restroom. So girls, please, if you see your man twitching before going to the public restroom please be sensitive and remember, he might not just be pressed to answer nature’s call, but he might be nervous to remember all those complex codes and etiquette that comes with using the urinal.

Ah, the urinal. A beacon of hope for all male bladders everywhere. But to use it properly without being shot dirty looks and cursed under your urinal neighbor’s breath, one should take special care to honor the law of the “Splash Zone”.

The concept of the splash zone is basically that whenever a guy uses a urinal, if another guy needs to use a urinal as well, a minimum of one unused urinal must be in between them if at all possible. It is true that this is an unspoken law, but it is one that has been implemented time and time again. The following diagram should be sufficient explanation:

Splash zone

The red zones represent the Splash Zone: A no (unzipped) Fly zone

As demonstrated in the diagram, we are discussing the basic 5 urinal configuration which allows for a maximum of 3 users without Splash Zone infarction. For advanced configurations and case by case analysis, please refer to

The following case represents a heavy violation of the splash zone law where the violator could possibly be labeled as a : ” creep, pervert, freak ect….” or the guy may only be genuinely interested in you or just for the sake of comparison…

A big no no

Take extra measures when this happens... or just run away really really fast

Now most guys tend to head for the urinal on the far side of the room, and in the case of 5 urinals, its all fine and well. However, if a guy heads for one of the adjacent urinals, it becomes a real insult and an unethical thing to do, kind of like double parking your car on a curb. Yea we all curse at whomever left his/her car there. The following diagram should explain why.


Stalemate. If a 3rd party wishes to engage in the urination process, an infarction is forced upon him or he has to wait. The blame lies on the 1st user of the urinals

So guys, please, next time you use the urinal have some courtesy and some taste. Oh and I hope it goes without saying: Please, please, please…. Aim, and flush.

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