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Captain Drunken: Pee at Sea

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Toilet Gaming!

What better way to kick off this toilet gaming section than with a toilet themed game!

Introducing: Captain Drunken: Pee at Sea. Its basically fully described in the title. You control the pee-stream of a drunken captain  that really needs to go. your job is to tilt the phone appropriately so that the dude doesn’t make a mess. Simple enough.

why doesnt he sit? CUZ HES THE CAPTAIN!

As with most games, you collect coins at the end of each game and those allow you to unlock skins for the captain, a new game mode, pissed off birds (cute pun on angry birds) and new skins for the first mate, sally, whom i think shows a bit too much cleavage, even for a cartoon character in a pee based game.

who agrees? right?

The game is a bit annoying at first, but you get the hang of it. Fun enough for casual gaming on a quick trip to the bathroom, however not very exciting, and graphically not perfect. I rate it: a solid 3.5 toilet bowls!!

3.5 toilet bowls!

Captain Drunken: Pee at Sea is available on android at:

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Back in the olden days, when people actually read magazines and newspapers in print, you could always find those in the bathroom to entertain you while you do your buisiness. There are even magazine racks for that purpose

Ain’t that cute?! He thinks he can read 😀

Very tasteful. The queen of England probably has one of those.

ENTER, THE INFORMATION AGE! Now, people own Ipods, Ipads, Androids, and a whole bunch of other smart devices. Therefore the only paper that remains in the bathroom is the one you wipe with and the magazines and papers get replaced by that tiny thing between your hands…. no not that, your phone -_-

you’re welcome. Noone really wants to see a dude in her place. But you get the picture

So, in that respect, and following your toilet needs that we here fulfill, expect to have a section about just that. Toilet gaming and enertainment while you go! we shall dedicate this section to reviwing apps and games for your favorite mobile smart devices! YES! the public toilet is embracing technology! REJOICE! Happy gaming everyone!

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