Public Toilet Survival Kit

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Toiletainment!

As most of you readers know, I like to keep a tight ship while running things here at the public toilet. That means sanitation and cleanliness is paramount. However, one can not expect to be as lucky everywhere else in the world. We good folk of the public toilet like to look after you, dearest readers, and therefore, for your personal hygiene we refer you to this! (click image for page)

fact: the public toilet survival kit is much smaller than the zombie survival kit

For those emergency cases where you absolutely need to use a public toilet, yet do not wish to get crabs and/or fungus from the seat. Keep one on you at all times, you never know…. stay safe!


For any further details or questions, please contact the Public Toilet Janitor in chief by clicking the link below

Send a mail to the Janitor in Chief at:


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