Big in Japan

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Toiletainment!

Ahh… Japan…. Land of the rising sun, creators of favorites such as Godzilla, Pokemon and sushi. Technology giants, with names as big as Sony, Toyota, Fujitsu, and the list can stretch for ages so I’mma just stop right there…

Aww thank you Kanye, but I’m done with this list anyway… so I’m ok. Really. …. Go away now… please.

So… ANYWAY…. Those good people in Japan also are one of the more colorful characters in the world. Known for eccentricity in everything, (yea we all know they’re a weird bunch) But do you think what goes on in the privacy of their toilets should remain private? HELL NO! This is the public toilet. We therefore bring you: SUPERTOILETS, the toilets of the future!

As featured on one of the prominent references of the future, Futurama!

This is where it gets interesting. Try to keep up please. Here’s what your basic high-tech Japanese toilet control panel looks like (Yea, they got control panels.)

To those of you that don’t even know how to work a thermostat… Good luck taking a dump in Japan.

Now from just reading what’s on the panel, you kind of figure out what basic functions Japanese toilets come fitted with…

If you didn’t quite get them all, here’s a nice list!

1- Front wash

2- Posterior wash

3- Nozzle sterilizer

4- Deodorizer

5- Water temperature control

6- Air dryer (+temperature control)

7- Adjustable water pressure

8- Heated seats

9- Noise maker (for people that don’t need people listening on their business… it generates random noise to cover it up)

10- Auto lid/seat

11- Massage cleaning

12- Self Washing bowl

13- Nightlight

14- Timer

Doesn’t that sound pretty much like heaven? Screw the Iron Throne, I wanna sit on one of these for the rest of my life! Here’s what a few of them look like

Umm… on second thought… this looks scary

well. There you have it folks. you heard it here first. So if you’re dropping by Japan any time soon, be sure to try the sushi, so that you can leave the good folks there a little gift in those massaging toilet machinations. Who knows, you might get a happy ending with it!

And please. Treat them with respect and dignity. We don’t want this scenario happening again :/

As always, Happy Flushing!!

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