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“Magic” Urinal: Uri-lift!!!

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Toiletainment!

Deepest apologies dedicated reader(s), (yes you sara. thanks for subscribing, it reminded me i still have a blog) It has been a while since I’ve really given much attention to my urination process, and I feel ashamed.

To make up for it, I present this post from my Irish adventures. BEHOLD!

While roaming the streets in Belfast, we notice  a nice, round circle we could only assume is a sewer cover.

An ordinary sidewalk

However in the middle of the night, some peepee magic happens 🙂

magic urinal suddenly appears!

In an effort to fight the war on public urination (yes its a war just as vicious as  the war on drugs and terrorism. ) cities across europe have been placing magic urinals in the cities so drunken idiots (like myself the night of the discovery) can have a safe peeing place where no cat might sneak up on you!



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