Posted: June 21, 2011 in Toiletainment!

Yes, on this blog, sometimes the titles are sort of sophisticated. That is due to the fact that we are not just for your entertainment, but for your educational pleasure aswell.

Paruresis, also known as bladder shyness, also known as stage fright, also known as bashful bladder, also known as bashful kidneys, also known as pee fright, also known as urophobia, also known as pee-shyness, also known as public piss syndrome, also known as gun-shy, also known as shy bladder syndrome, also known as air-blockage,  also known as “that guy keeps staring at me, how the hell am I going to discharge my bodily fluids!?”…. Lots of ‘also known as’ es… It is a common fear faced by many a frequenter of public toilets worldwide.  It most commonly affects males, mainly due to the fact that urinals are more exposed than stalls, however it does affect females aswell.


This is what the victim feels like. A clear violation of the splash zone rule may eventually cause Paruresis, and lifelong trauma (Refer to the urinal courtesy section of the blog)

This condition is a purely psychological one, and it should not be confused with a biological disorder, prostatitis.  Due to its nature, being a mental one, its treatment is through habit.
A few tips on how to start treating it, depending on the level of Paruresis, would be a step by step method, where the person uses MP3 Players to get the feeling of isolation, using stalls at first, and eventually restoring normal public restroom use with ease.

So next time you guys see your buddy heading for a stall instead of a urinal, no he doesn’t need to tinkle from his vajayjay, he might be bladder shy. So help him by understanding, and of course, poking a little fun is a given, just not too much.  And please take note that this could be an eventual after effect of breaking the Splash Zone code of conduct, so please, rules are there for a reason!

and finally, the public toilet team wishes you an enjoyable urination experience!

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