Posted: May 17, 2011 in Toiletainment!

This afternoon, while faithfully sitting on the toilet… (actually no, i was in Arabic class. But it felt like a toilet, hot and sweaty, with an old man slowly trying to do his business, screaming at other people all the while… It felt like constipation, followed by an episode of explosive diherriea… but anyway…) I have realized that people need some entertainment while doing their business!

Be it stuff to do, or stuff related to said “business”, this new section will cover that and more!

And as a first post, our maiden voyage to the widely explored, yet massively uncharted lands of toiletainment, I  bring you a professional reporter worthy of appearing on this here blog. The fellow she’s reporting on has no idea where he’s sticking his hands… i just hope he finds the soap! (it was a urinal cake. soap rhymes better though)

(Video at the break)

(Just as a side note here, urine isn’t sometimes all bad. The ancient romans used it as detergent… they fermented it for that. so it could have cleaning properties, that man may be a genius! ok probably not. )

  1. Emile Z says:

    hahaha hilarious :p i was copy pasting the funny parts, but then i realized its almost the whole thing hahaha

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