Hall of Fame: Hooligans Pub- Jounieh

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Local WC of Fame

This poster was found in the restroom of Hooligans, right above the toilet seat. They’ve become quite creative with their instructions, I must say, and their slogan… tip o’ the hat!!!

(just for clarification, hooligans is a football pub… so you get the joke 😉 )



It Reads: Cause we know how to handle our balls

Please feel free to send me signs and pictures of interesting WCs from around lebanon!
Send a mail to the Janitor in Chief at: thepublictoilet@hotmail.com

  1. SerJ says:

    I remember when i 1st saw it … Hilarious.

  2. […] Source: https://thepublictoilet.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/hall-of-fame-hooligans-pub-jounieh/ Did you like this? Share it:Tweet Tags: Hooligans Posted in Blog By adminComments: 0 » […]

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